Yay! It's National Picnic Week

Yay! It's National Picnic Week

It’s National Picnic Week this week so grab your blankets and baskets and get out into the great outdoors for this brilliant British alfresco tradition.  With high summer upon us, what better way to enjoy our parks and countryside than with some home-made picnic staples.

Just the word 'picnic' conjures up visions of peaceful, pastoral countryside, a gathering of people, a hamper full of finger-friendly dining and a bottle or three!  With over a 200 year history, us Brits have happily set our hampers down in all sorts of places from summer meadows, sandy beaches and river banks.  And despite the notoriously unreliable weather, our love of picnics hasn’t been dampened.  We still love whipping out family favourites like sandwiches, sausage rolls and cake.

7 Best Picnic Foods

The humble picnic of old has evolved into a mesh of tapas and tradition, making our hampers ever more adventurous and delicious.  Here are a few ideas to ensure you prepare a great picnic, alongside a bottle of fizz.

Crusty bread – for the ever-reliable sandwich and for ripping apart for cheese and dips.  Check out our recipe here

Cake – no picnic is complete without a slice of something fluffy and sweet in the sunshine. We adore these Pimms cupcakes

Scones –  smothered with cream and jam or served as a savoury snack.  Try out our Ploughman Scones here

Fruit – savour the delish fruit of the season with a trusty tupperware of strawberries, raspberries and cherries

Sausage rolls – such a handy meal in one and great finger food.  We LOVE this recipe

Crisps – doesn’t every picnic have a bag to share?  Don’t leave home without them!

Millionaire shortbread – a traditional sweet treat and ideal dessert partner to cake.  Head over here to get the recipe

How to find your perfect spot

There are so many places to get out in nature and enjoy a picnic with a view, some of the most stunning are in our UK National Parks. To help you discover a new spot our friends at National Parks UK have a map of all the National Parks so you can find your nearest or a new place to explore!  https://www.nationalparks.uk/parks/ 

Enjoy responsibly

Always remember to take home what you brought: litter can be picked up by animals and find its way into water ways or animals’ stomachs. Glass can also ignite in dry hot conditions so it is important you pack it away and take it home. Plus, in dry hot conditions fires can ignite easily and have a devastating effect on the landscape and wildlife. So, leave your BBQ at home and opt for some more, eco-friendly cold snacks instead.

A Few Picnic Facts

  1. The average person picnics at least three times a year, that’s 94 million picnics per year.
  2. The most popular picnic snack fifty years ago was the humble cheese sandwich. Now, it’s a bag of crisps.
  3. The French started the modern fashion for picnics when they opened their royal parks to the public after the revolution of 1789.
  4. National Picnic Week started a decade ago and is fast becoming the UK’s most popular time to enjoy a picnic.

It’s the simple things in life that make us happy and what better way than spreading out a blanket, laying out your feast and enjoying time with family and friends in the great British outdoors.   Here's to summer!