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Risen’s finest wholemeal flour is healthy, tasty and nutritious. Characterized by its typical brown colour, this robust flour is packed with fibre, minerals and B vitamins. Milled from 100% wheat, it packs in all the goodness of the grain and gives a real wheat flavour. Eating well should taste as good as this!

Perfect for: wholemeal bread and rolls, and adding extra flavour to muffins, scones and pastries.

Top Tips: This is a thirsty flour. Wholemeal absorbs more liquid than our Mighty White Bread Flour, so add more to a standard recipe to make sure there’s enough water in the mix to make a malleable dough. Wholemeal bread has a denser texture with less rise so if you want to achieve a lighter loaf, try adding some white flour with your wholemeal for a bit of extra gluten to give the dough a better structure.

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Customer Reviews

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Must give it a try!

Lovely flour, I have use the awesome wholemeal flour in a combination with the Mighty white flour bread. Loved how particularly easy was to work with the dough, soft and smooth texture, excellent flexibility. Not to mention the results, amazing crumb and beautiful flavours. One my favourites, for sure. :)

Fabulous wholemeal flour!

The first thing I noticed about this flour was just how fine it is. Mixed with white bread flour, this gives my sourdough loaves a light and flavourful crumb and a thin, crisp crust. Really delicious!

Victoria Banks
Excellent wholemeal flour!

This flour was so much more finely ground than our normal wholemeal bread flour from the supermarket. It felt like white flour in my hands, but still had a lovely, nutty, wholesome flavour. I've used it in a machine loaf, that rose beautifully. It was also a real improvement on our old flour for pitta and flatbread, where before I'd have to mix in a bit of white to get the best result. I see now that not all wholemeal flour is the same!