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Milled from 100% finest Austrian spelt, Risen’s white spelt flour is easy to digest and has a heap of nutritional benefits. Mildly nutty in flavour, our spelt produces soft and tasty loaves and it can be used as an all-purpose white flour for pastries, cakes and sauces. This ancient grain is low in gluten and high in fibre making it a versatile and healthy choice to bake with.

Perfect for: low-rising foods such as pastry cases, pizza bases, biscuits and pancakes and it makes a great addition to bread and cake recipes for more nutritious results.

Top tips: Use as an alternative to wheat flour for those with wheat intolerances. If you are baking bread or cakes that need some structure, use spelt to substitute for up to half of the usual flour. For less structured baked goods, try a higher percentage of spelt flour. Avoid vigorous kneading and mixing due to the lower gluten content.

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Customer Reviews

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Great flour

I recently discovered this flour and have used it to make a few cakes so far. I absolutely love it and will be using it in lots more cakes, biscuits, cookies other sweet bakes in the future! It brings a lovely nutty flavour to cakes and biscuits, and creates a great crumb. Highly recommend.

Marta Reynolds

The flour is really high quality and i love the big bag too as it takes us through lots of baking and cooking. It’s been very good for us in helping stay healthy as we practically switched completely to Spelt Flour. Thank you Risen!

geraud pfeiffer
Amazing flour!

I've recently tested the white Spelt flour and I couldn't be happier with it. It produced beautiful loaves of bread with a very delicious nutty flavour as a result.
It provided me with a strong, extensible dough which made every bit of the baking process, a lot easier! Absolutely recommend it +++

Kerrie Thackray
Love the spelt

Made some delicious bread with Risen's spelt flour. Everyone gobbled it up as soon as it came out of the oven. Thank you, Risen!

Kerstin Fricke
Great white spelt flour

I’ve never baked with white spelt before. I absolutely love how it performed in the bakes I used it in - my regular mixed flour loaf, a plain white spelt sourdough and apple cake. I have just about enough left to give the mince pies from Risen‘s shared recipe a go, I bet they will turn out just delicious! Great to know where I can buy more at the click of a button, thanks, Risen!