Whether you’re crafting an occasional loaf or baking regularly for the fam, there’s a subscription for you. Simply choose your flour, how much you’d like and how often, and leave the rest to us.

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There’s tons of subscriptions out there for the conscious consumer but none for the conscious baker. Every subscription helps us plant more trees and donate to Ocean Cleanup.


Flour taking over your shelves? Easily change your plan, pause or cancel your subscription anytime. And if you want to chat about it, we’d love to hear from you. It’s all about flexibility, folks!

What kind of baker are you?

To help you work out how much you need here’s Andy’s handy guide roughly based on how many loaves* you can make from one bag of our flour and the type of baking you may be doing.

On the rise

You’ve caught the baking bug and now flour regularly graces your shelves. Making bread is becoming your thing and you’re gaining confidence with every bake.

Suggested subscription
of 2 of bags every 6 weeks - that’s around one loaf a week and a few for the weekend.


You’ve got the moves down. There’s a sourdough starter on the go in your kitchen and you’re cracking out crusty loaves and rolls weekly. Delicious stuff!


Suggested subscription
of of 4 bags every 6 weeks - keep your starter well fed and whack out several tasty loaves a week. Get you!

Baking all-star

Your friends and family have you on speed dial. Your bread is a rising star on insta. You’re a baker who mixes it up with new recipes & ingredients for your boules, baguettes and focaccias.

Suggested subscription
of 6 bags every 8 weeks - ample supply for your multiple bakes, flour for starters and an experimental bake or two.

Bloomin’ Pro

Congratulations, you’re a micro bakery! Keep your community fed with the bread they deserve. There’s not a bread recipe you haven’t tried and those knuckles of yours are permanently dusty!

You're gonna need some big bags of flour! That's no problem, just give Andy a call to chat through your bulk order.

* based on using 500g of flour per loaf